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A Bucket of Clams

In a world of over-produced music doused with effects, Smokelahoma's Bucket of Clams is a revelation. It's nothing more than a heartfelt album filled with top-notch songs that lift up your spirit, and this fantastic release serves as a fine reminder that there is true beauty to be found in simplicity. - Brian Feldman,

Smokelahoma is a rock band from the Pacific Northwest, founded in the mid-1990's by singer/songwriter Mike Morton and bassist G. Gowing. Smokelahoma's homegrown roll is a handcrafted blend of American roots seasoned in boot-crackin' alt-country, toasted and served with shakedown grits and sunflower gravy.

Contributors to Smokelahoma have included Hammond B-3 organ showman and vocalist Dan "Danny Vegas" Klepinger (Dark Star Orchestra), ace guitarist Rusty Urie (Johnny Astro), Jakael Tristram (Apple Jam) on guitars, bass, vocals and engineering, Ryan Mefferd (Two Buck Chuck) on guitar and vocals, Sean Mugrage on bass, Dale Fanning (The Living Daylights, Tough Mama) on drums and percussion, Pete Droge (Pete Droge & The Sinners, Ramadillo, Young Ghandis) on guitars and vocals, Don Pawlack on pedal steel, Tony Leamer (Memphis Radio Kings, Hondo) on drums, "Blind Spaceman in Speedo" Rick Yates (Alligator Wine) on drums, Sean Goodrich on fiddle and vocals, Clay Bartlett on mandolin, Annie O'Neill on background vocals, a guy named "The Troll" on alto sax, and a fretless, hairless bassist known only as Ick.

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Find your way back home to an ultra-rare, out of print And In This Corner..SMOKELAHOMA

Sample a Live Show

Bucket of Clams (Engineered by Grammy-nominated Rome Palermo. CD. 2007)

Donkey Time (Produced by Mike Morton. Self-released. Cassette. 2001)

And In This Corner...SMOKELAHOMA (Produced by Martin Feveyear. CD. 1998)

Tooth Fairy (Produced by Martin Feveyear. Self-released. Cassette. 1997)

The Divine Church of Grampa's House of Butterflies (Solo performances and demo tracks by Mike Morton. 1996)

Varmit (Unreleased promo. 1995)

Pet Your Critter (CD. Recorded and engineered by Chris Hanzek. Self-released. CD. 1993)

Hierba Diablo (as Crooken Leg. Cassette. Produced and Engineered by Rich Hinklin. Self-released. Cassette. 1992)

Point No Point (as Crooked Leg. Produced by Mike Morton and Rich Hinklin. Self-released. Cassette. 1991)

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